10 Items Designed For Rainy Weather

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As spring replaces the cool winter season, days become longer but snow also becomes rain. It’s a small price to pay for brighter sunlight, warmer weather, and for finally being able to put away bulky winter coats. We have put together a list of 10 items to help you welcome the rainy days ahead in style.


Dry Day Backpack

The Dry Day Backpack is made by Seattle-based Filson specifically for rainy weather. The vinyl-coated polyester fabric is waterproof and can be wiped clean when needed. The simple design features an adjustable height, and the top is easy to roll down and to secure with loop and hook fasteners. Dark green and black tones combine with the smooth texture of the material and a minimalist design, providing an elegant take on weather resistant bags.

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OGS Pants

Made by Outlier, the New OGs is the original design that put this brand from Brooklyn, New York on the urban fashion map of the world. The pants have been created specifically for bikers to provide optimum flexibility while riding, breathability, and plenty of style. But their popularity has grown steadily from 2008, probably because these pants can be worn in any situation. From biking to work to going to business meeting, parties, or on hikes, the New OGs will handle almost anything. Including rain.

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Succinct Trench Coat

No rainy season wardrobe is complete without a chic trench coat. The timeless apparel item has been updated by NAU with the Succinct Trench Coat design. Modern and minimalist, this trench coat preserves a sense of refinement in lines that remind of a classic suit jacket. The urban design features a removable hood and zippered hand pocket; the recycled polyester material provides warmth and water resistance at the same time.

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 Drizzle Bucket Hat

Keep your hair dry with The Drizzle. This convenient hat is designed by Lock Hatters, the oldest hat shop in the world. Established in 1765 in London, the company produces chic hats, caps, and fedoras in a wide range of high quality materials. The Drizzle hat is made from water resistant microfiber, can be conveniently worn on both sides, and will maintain its shape even after being rolled up in a bag or backpack.

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Pelican Marine Case

Your phone needs protection from the rain, but the Pelican Marine case does much more than that. It’s designed to handle multiple drops, water submersion, dust, and snow; it has also been tested by Pelican to Military Specifications. The black case is perfect for iPhone 6 and 6s and features a soft-touch surface for more comfort and better grip.

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 Longlite Bamboo Waterproof Socks

The Longlite Bamboo Waterproof Socks are designed to keep skin dry even during more extreme outdoor activities, like wading and muddy sports, so you can rest assured that they will be perfect for rainy days in the city. Manufactured by Dexshell, the socks feature three layers: the inner sock is made from eco-friendly bamboo rayon, the middle layer is a waterproof lining, and the outer shell is durable nylon and elastane with a stripe pattern.

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Jimmy Mid

The Jimmy Mid boots from Native Shoes are ideal for taking on puddles on city streets and leave after the encounter completely dry. The water resistant EVA shell and polyurethane upper will help you go through rainy days and maintain a unique sense of urban style. Green and light brown tones are contrasted by white and a splash of red in a beautiful color palette. Drop the top for a smooth ride. 100% vegan.

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Senz Umbrella

Finding a good umbrella is more difficult than it should be, but with the Senz Original Umbrella the quest might finally be over. Designed by Senz for brisk winds, the umbrella features a unique shape that makes the most of aerodynamic lines to withstand winds of up to 62 miles per hour. Modern and practical, this design will leave in the past the frustration of trying to use an inverted umbrella.

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Rite in the Rain Notebook

Rainy days often bring a creative spirit to life, and with the Rite in the Rain pocket-size hard cover book you can easily write down your ideas, thoughts, or complete quick sketches. The materials are all weather resistant, from the waterproof Fabrikoid cover to the paper and glue. The notebook comes with 160 sewn-in pages and you can use pencils or even oil pastels on the wet paper.

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Endless Rain Record

Keep the relaxing sound of rain and raindrops at your fingertips with Endless Rain. This vinyl phonograph record was created by Kyouei Design for the Rain installation at the Taiwan Designers’ Week in 2009. One side plays the soothing sounds of summer rain, while the other features five different rain drop sounds. The record will create a unique and relaxing atmosphere inside your home, in all kinds of weather.

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