1950s Chairs Revived For IMM Cologne 2017

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We all know that good design is timeless. But designer Richard Lampert cleverly reiterates this concept by launching three chair designs originally created in the 1950s. The chairs were included alongside the designer’s classic furniture collection and presented at IMM Cologne 2017.
Designed by German architect and designer Herbert Hirche, The ‘H 55’ and ‘Frog’ chairs both have a minimalist appearance combined with functionality and an ergonomic shape. H 55 features a tubular steel frame and upholstery covering the plastic seat and backrest, while the stackable Frog has a distinctive design with a slightly straighter backrest and a higher seat. The TT 54 chair impresses thanks to its timeless aesthetic. German architect Paul Schneider-Esleben designed it in 1954 with a wicker seat and backrest. Supported by a black frame made of tubular steel, the chair boasts a play on colors as well as textures. Lampert adapted it to meet the comfort requirements of the modern world. A perfect example of how good design doesn’t age, the chairs blend in perfectly alongside contemporary furniture. Photo credits: Richard Lampert.


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