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Perfect for the best of times, shared with your the people you love; for good conversations by the fireplace; for those melancholy moments when you just want to reminisce; and perfect for unwinding after a long day at work. Regardless of the occasion, you can make even your favorite whiskey taste better with a well-designed whiskey glass. We’ve put together a list of the 20 best whiskey glasses, to help you see what we mean – and maybe even convince you to upgrade your home bar with designer glassware. Apart from their perfect balance, weight, and feel, each and every one of these tumblers has something special. Safe to say, this selection of best whiskey glasses will surprise even design lovers. Find your new favorite glass below:


Norlan Whiskey Glass

Undeniably, the Norlan Whiskey Glass makes a lasting impression at a glance, even before you fill it with whiskey. Designed by Sruli Recht and refined with the help of master distiller Jim McEwan, this sculptural glass draws inspiration from nature. It features a transparent double walled vessel, made with an ingenious glass blowing technique that creates a ‘glass within a glass’ effect. This whiskey glass also has a superior nosing performance and fantastic aeration properties to improve the aromas of whiskey.

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Single Old Fashioned, Diamond Collection

Ideal for virtually any home bar, the Diamond Single Old Fashioned glass from award-winning designer Richard Brendon manages to look both vintage and contemporary. The refined design upgrades a classic pattern with hand-cut diamond shapes across the lower part of the glass. This allows the light to refract as it passes through the crystal, giving rich amber colored drinks a jewel-like effect of gleaming sparkles. Part of the Diamond collection which also includes decanters and cocktail glasses.

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The Neat Whiskey Glass

Specifically designed to eliminate alcohol burn and thus allow the different aromas of a good whiskey to shine through, the revolutionary Neat Whiskey Glass has become one of the most respected tasting glasses in the industry. Even the most prestigious industry event in the US, The San Francisco World Spirits Competition, has adopted the Neat glass as an official tasting glass. So we had to include it in this list of best whiskey glasses. The distinctive curved shape – a patented design – separates the ethanol from the flavor profile of the drink, intensifying flavors and nuances. Yes, your favorite whiskey may be even better than you thought it was!

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Tank Whiskey Glasses Copper

Minimalist yet also decorative, the Tank Copper Whiskey Glasses give a stylish accent to any home bar. To design these glasses, renowned designer Tom Dixon looked to scientific glassware for inspiration. The Tank collection features sculptural silhouettes and eye-catching metal detailing, with decanters and vases also included. These whiskey glasses have a simple, elegant form, with a hand-painted copper band on the mouth-blown glass. Available in a set of two, the Tank Whiskey Glasses are perfect for whiskey lovers who are also fans of contemporary design.

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Rocking Whiskey Tumbler Glasses

If you like fun designs, you’ll probably fall in love with the Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Tumbler Glasses. They have a rounded base that makes them rock from side to side on the table, without ever falling over or spilling even one drop of whiskey. Apart from bringing some playfulness to your home bar, the design also allows the flavors of your drink to develop as the movement aerates the whiskey and brings all of the aromas to life.

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Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass

An elegant whiskey glass that hides more behind its refined aesthetic. This glass features a patented Tritan® crystal material, developed by Schott Zwiesel and unique to this leading glassware brand. Unlike traditional glasses, the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass has no lead or barium. Instead, it features titanium and zirconium oxides. Made using a high-temperature process which effectively tempers the material, this whiskey glass is significantly more durable than other glasses, as well as scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and resistant to chipping. It’s one of the best whiskey glasses you can buy. Plus, the design looks fantastic in any interior.

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Viski Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers

Designed with a mid-century modern feel, the Viski Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers are as stylish as they are practical. The geometric design combines a triangular base with a multi-faceted body and a beautifully rounded top. As the light passes through the filled glass, it enhances the design further. An ideal choice for design lovers who are looking for cool glassware to make a home bar stand out. Available in a set of two, each tumbler has a capacity of 11 oz.

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Ashcroft Fine Glassware Twist Whiskey Glasses

A gorgeous addition to our list of best whiskey glasses. Sculptural and stunning, the Ashcroft Fine Glassware Twist Whiskey Glasses can actually create a focal point in a room, all on their own. They feature a creative design, with a ‘twist’ shape that gives a new dimension to drinks. Made from lead-free glass, these tumblers have a superior clarity and quality. The capacity of 8 ounces allows the user to add a whiskey stone to the glass. These high-end designer glasses are perfect as a gift for whiskey lovers who appreciate more artistic glassware.

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Dragon Glassware Diamond Old Fashioned Tumblers

By now, you’ve probably realized that we weren’t kidding when we said that this selection of 20 best whiskey glasses will surprise you. The Dragon Glassware Diamond Old Fashioned Tumblers are no exception. Designed with a tilted shape, these whiskey glasses reference the shape and the brilliance of diamonds. The creative silhouette is not only eye-catching, but it also enhances the flavors of whiskey, bourbon, brandy, or rum by aerating the drink. These glasses are also lead-free, spill-proof, and anti-rocking. Plus, they’re also conveniently dishwasher, freezer, and microwave-safe.

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Orrefors Intermezzo Blue DOF

Winner of the International Tabletop Design Award, the Orrefors Intermezzo Blue Double Old Fashioned glass is elegantly simple. Created by Swedish artist Erika Lagerbielke in 1985, the glass features a blue color sphere embedded in the base. Orrefors Intermezzo Blue DOF is handcrafted by master glassmakers from lead-free glass, providing the perfect blend of style and quality. One of the most successful designs from the Swedish brand’s collection, the popular Orrefors Intermezzo Blue glasses complement your whiskeys with a minimalist style and a pop of color.

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New Vintage™ 4-piece Duncan Double Old Fashioned Glass Set

A timeless design that suits both casual and more formal occasions. Designed by Thomas O’Brien, the New Vintage™ 4-piece Duncan Double Old Fashioned Glass Set takes design cues from classic glassware, upgrading beloved forms for contemporary bars. The lead-free crystal glasses feature window pane patterns and vertical lines, bringing a touch of old fashioned refinement into modern interiors. Each glass has a capacity of 12 oz, providing plenty of space for whiskey cubes or stones.

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Vitreluxe Stump Cocktail Set

The Vitreluxe Stump Cocktail Set has a captivating organic feel. No wonder, since this set was actually modeled after a real oak branch. The design aims to celebrate both nature and the use of solid wood barrels in the whiskey manufacturing process. Naturally, this set looks unlike any other and it’s a natural choice for our selection of 20 best whiskey glasses. Handmade in Oregon with a creative technique that uses the mold of an oak branch, the surface of the glass boasts the textures of bark. The Vitreluxe Stump Cocktail Set comes with two glasses, a cocktail vessel, and a stirrer.

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Malt Whisky Set

Designed by award-winning Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen for NUDE, the Malt whiskey set blends simple forms and clean lines in a graceful silhouette. The base provides a comfortable grip, while the perfectly rounded body allows the user to swirl the whiskey to aerate it and open up its flavors further. This set comes with two tumblers. Thanks to their minimalist design, these glasses can complement any decanter with a similarly understated aesthetic.

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Lismore Tumbler, Set of 4

The Waterford Lismore Set pays homage to craftsmanship and to the whiskey drinking experience. Classic but perfect for a modern home bar, these glasses feature the signature Lismore wedge and diamond cut pattern that has a 60-year heritage. Combined with the exquisite quality of Waterford handcrafted crystal, this set of four tumblers is as sophisticated as it is high-quality. Whether you want to surprise a friend with a whiskey-themed gift or want to transform your own home bar with some stylish tumblers, this set is a natural choice.

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Chill Tumbler

Featuring a marble base, the Chill glass from NUDE’s own design team provides a creative twist on classic whiskey glassware. These tumblers boast the line’s signature blend of glass and marble that creates a play between contrasting textures. Made with a chunky marble base, each glass is one-of-a-kind. The rounded glass builds upon the shape of the base, in a weighty design that is both distinctive and elegant. Following NUDE’s design principles, the Chill collection is perfect for everyday use, special occasions, and any decor.

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Cut Crystal Whiskey Glass, Set of 2

One of the best whiskey glasses available. Featuring a marble base, the Chill glass from NUDE’s own design team provides a creative twist on classic whiskey glassware. These tumblers boast the line’s signature blend of glass and marble that creates a play between contrasting textures. Made with a chunky marble base, each glass is one-of-a-kind. The rounded glass builds upon the shape of the base, in a weighty design that is both distinctive and elegant. Following NUDE’s design principles, the Chill collection is perfect for everyday use, special occasions, and any decor.

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Matterhorn Whiskey Glass

You’ve now seen whiskey glasses that reference vintage designs, oak bark, and scientific glassware. The Matterhorn Whiskey Glass draws inspiration from the majestic beauty of nature. More specifically, it recreates the silhouette of the Matterhorn peak in the Pennine Alps mountain range located at the border between Italy and Switzerland. Inside the glass, you can admire the mountain peak in a miniature form, and surround it – or submerge it, we’re not judging – in quality whiskey. Made of crystal, this glass has a capacity of 7 ounces.

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Simon Pearce Ascutney Double Old Fashioned Set

Minimalism lovers, meet the perfect whiskey glass to bring into your home bar. The Simon Pearce Ascutney Double Old Fashioned set explores the purity of form with a strikingly simple design. Featuring a weighty build, the glasses have hefty base and a wide rim. They’re handmade in the US by skilled glassblowers who use centuries-old techniques to bring each elegant glass to life. Thanks to the capacity of 10 ounces, these tumblers are perfect for neat drinks or drinks with whiskey stones.

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Shade Skull

The whiskey glasses to die for. Made with a skull sculpture inside the base, the Nude Glass Shade Skull Double Old Fashioned Glasses will add Gothic vibes to any home bar. Because the best whiskey glasses should delight in more ways than one. The bold design enhances the whiskey drinking experience while bringing some creative style to your favorite tipple. Made of mouth-blown, lead-free crystal, every glass has an ultra-clear and bright surface. This set comes with four tumblers and it’s dishwasher-safe.

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Rare Whiskey Glass, Set of 2

We finish our list of 20 best whiskey glasses in style. Designed to enhance the flavors of whiskey, the Rare Whisky Glasses focus aroma through their elegantly tapered silhouette. Minimal and refined, this set of two glasses designed by Felicia Ferrone feature a functional hollow base that allows the user to stack them. Each glass is carefully handmade by master glassblowers from premium quality Borosilicate glass. While elegant and seemingly delicate, the Rare Whiskey Glasses are safe to wash in a dishwasher. Set of two tumblers with a capacity of 9 ounces each.

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