An Architecture Office that Puts On No Airs

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An architect’s greatest asset is being able to show his or her client that he or she knows how to design with another’s goals in mind. And what better way to show off this skill than to design your own office space? For architects João Duayer & Thiago Tavares, they did just that; converting an apartment from 1940 in São Paulo, Brazil into both their office and a living testament to what they can offer a client. Through a careful restoration process, the two were able to preserve almost all the original elements of the space, save for some walls to make the interior more open and inviting. The vintage materials seamlessly integrate new objects and furniture to create an atmosphere open to work and play, with an eclectic sense of taste defying any specific genre (except maybe “hipster/steampunk”). Many architects like to have imposing offices to highlight their success, but the warm vibe that comes from a more lived-in space like Taveres Duayer have cultivated gives prospective clients a better idea of what they could expect to get out of working with the firm. This kind of advertising is the best kind, as it’s completely authentic; by designing the space to accommodate themselves as the clients, they are showing others whom they are with no airs put on. It’s a refreshing douse of truth I can only hope becomes more common in architectural office culture. Photographs © Bruno Cardi, João Duayer

Nathaniel Barlam


Amid the unrest of earning his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from RISD, Nathaniel manages to find the time to read, write, hang out with friends, play drums, and listen to music. Nathaniel has learned a lot about architecture firsthand thanks to opportunities to live and work in Rome and Brooklyn during the past year. Coming from a family with strong roots in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Nathaniel has always maintained a strong love for NYC especially, and after his studies finish up in Providence he may move there for a while. He hasn’t decided yet.
You can connect with him via Linkedin or by visiting his Portfolio page.

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