Audiomurale by Adriana Ronzewska Kotynska

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Elblag, Poland was an area devastated by the activity of World War II. Even after so much time passing, there still remains much of the town in need of repair. Adriana Ronzewska Kotynska is a Polish architect and painter who came up with Audiomurale in attempt to bring the community together on the subject of restoration. Her main objective is to grasp people’s feelings on the matter then display it both visually and audibly.

She interviewed the public, recorded their discussion, and captured it in the visible spectrogram (wave patterns on paper). This dialogue is found on a townhouse building affected by the war. Eventually, there will be an audio option near the ground for people to listen to the actual interviews displayed above. With the turn of a key a code is revealed so you can have access to listen using a cell phone. Her hope is to inspire an intervention for the face of the community. Quite creative and well executed.




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