Andrew Faris

Akron, OH United States

There's a cool old cowboy grave marker in a Tombstone cemetery. Boot Hill, I reckon. The epitaph reads: Here lies Lester Moore. Four shots from a .44. No Les, no more. Sort of clever, considering the circumstances. For me, however, that little smile somehow evolved into less is more. The concept is innate in my perspective on form, color and composition. But it wasn't until Fine Arts and Visual Communication Design studies at Kent State University that it took center stage. Through Bachelors and Masters programs, completed in 2003 at the venerable institution, as well as further studies with Ruedi Rüegg in Zurich, Switzerland, I was able to refine this outlook. Polish - not the language - was added during productive stints as a Designer with Hillman Curtis and at R/GA in NYC, where I also created the New York City Polaroid Project. Next, Sapient in San Diego as well as Art Director at Yahoo in Los Angeles. Then formation, in 2010, of Recess, a design studio, also in L.A., along with The Andrew Faris Studio, devoted solely to my artwork. My thinking is this: In an increasingly complex and competitive society sternly ruled by technology and stainless robotic hands, there is impassioned need for artistic respite. Simplicity, it has been said, is the essence of beauty. I couldn't agree more.

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