Christian Møller Andersen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Christian Møller Andersen (b. 1993) is a creative director, photographer, and designer based in Copenhagen. Working within the realms of design and fashion, his unique understanding of visual culture has, over the years, become a valued resource for international brands, artists, and collaborators alike. With a thoughtful and editorially-driven approach to both photography and design, møller andersen’s work can best be defined by an elegant and refined aesthetic that crosses artistic disciplines. From art direction to photography and design, his clients and collaborators include international fashion houses, cultural institutions, and individuals working within the broader field of design, fashion, and architecture. In 2020, Møller Andersen founded his own design practice, which he operates from his studio in the heart of Copenhagen. He is also the Artistic Director of the internationally acclaimed magazine kinfolk, where he has been in charge of the creative direction since 2017.

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Product Design

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