Daniele De Batté

Genova, Italy

Daniele De Batté was born in 1976 in Genoa, Italy. His love for architecture, art and design was instilled and encouraged from an early age by his parents, both architects, and stimulated by the striking architecture of the city. After studying art and working as a freelancer, De Batté founded the Artiva Design studio in 2003 with Davide Sossi. A graphic designer, artist and sculptor, De Batté creates artworks that explore the beauty of geometry, the tension between order and chaos or the balance between empty spaces. Dominated by black and white tones, most of his works feature clean lines and minimal shapes based on mathematical formulas and geometric grids, with negative space used as the fundamental component to create harmonious systems. The artist is represented in the US by Los Angeles-based Saatchi Art gallery. He lives and works in Genoa.

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