Davide D’elia

London, United Kingdom

Davide D'Elia produces work that often re-values modern aesthetic graphic terminology by presenting itself beyond object and objectivity (which are nevertheless important symbols), by which he obtains a reasoning that examines the concepts of time and the flow of time. By working on the residue of what remains and the aesthetics of this transformation, he forces us to consider the possibilities of time that passes and time that has passed. Born in Cava de 'Tirreni (SA) in 1973, graduated in graphic design at l’Istituto Superiore di Design di Napoli in 1996. He currently lives and works between Rome and London. David D'Elia draws from the vocabulary of the neglected and the degraded: the humidity created by the water dripping from the tap, moisture stains on the canvas or the marks left on the wallpaper by dismissed frames.The artist observes and lets them start growing spontaneously: passing the time, their increasing shapes become drawings made by the nature on the object of art. If the laboratory represents for the artist an unlimited source of experimental methods of creation, the scientific curiosity is just a starting point for his desire of identification with other forms of life...

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