Dinara Kasko

Kharkov, Ukraine

Dinara Kasko graduated from the University of Architecture and Design. She worked for a few years as an architect-designer and 3D visualizer, but soon realized that she was more passionate about baking than architecture. Determined to make something fresh that displayed her love of geometry and design, Kasko began creating her signature silicone molds. Using a graphic algorithm software and 3D printing, the pastry chef designs intricate and sculptural molds that provide the foundation for exquisite cakes. Geometry, architecture, and art come together in perfect synergy. Spectacular and artistic, Dinara Kasko’s creations have made her name known across the world, with international chefs creating masterpieces using the Kasko molds. The talented pastry chef has recently expanded her brand by offering online courses and a selection of silicone molds through her official website.

Creative Field

Food Design

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