Flow Architecture

London, United Kingdom

FLOW Architecture is a RIBA Chartered practice working at the intersection of architectural design and urban research. Questioning the fundamental relationship between human and space, and at the larger scale between citizens and cities, FLOW Architecture’s work explores the radical potential of ubiquitous technologies to develop collectively crafted experiences and spaces. By layering the observation of environmental and bodily phenomena, their approach develop novel aesthetics that emerge from the collaboration of matter, technological infrastructures and human behaviours. Since the practice’s inception in 2013, FLOW Architecture has built an extensive experience on residential projects in London, with the recent completion of the Light Falls house representing the apex of the office explorations on novel form of domesticity. The studio is currently developing the design for a newly built family house on the hills of Vicenza, northern Italy. A focus on bottom-up forms of public engagement is at the core of FLOW Architecture’s urban research, a theme that the firm investigates through the making of installations and events that have appeared at festivals and art venue in UK and Europe. In 2017 FLOW Architecture was awarded the 3rd prize at the Tallinn Biennale Pavilion Competition for Breathe!. They were also part of the London Festival of Architecture in 2016 and in 2018, respectively with Intertwined and The HeartBit Walks. The studio is currently working on the responsive installation Affectual Infrastructures, to appear in summer 2019. FLOW Architecture’s vision is the results of its founding members’ extensive experience developed through collaborative teaching and independent research of its partners.

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