Jeroen van Zwetselaar

Santpoort, The Netherlands

Jeroen van Zwetselaar is a passionate artist with a strong and wide sympathy for potential extraordinary places. With every room he enters, a hurricane of ideas comes alive. The most surprising possibilities that a space offers will arise. With this dose of inspiration, Jeroen makes from 'invisible' areas: living places that do matter! All this, without losing the identity of a space. Entirely suitable to your lifestyle. He will let you come home to yourself. Characteristic elements of the building will be highlighted, there will be synergy between materials, furniture and color theme. While working as much as possible with natural and sustainable materials. By looking at the contours and environment, Jeroen shows exactly what a building needs. A few, and sometimes simple, actions can make a big difference at your home or workplace. When Jeroen creates a home in your house, you'll get more and more appreciation for it afterwards. You can hardly imagine how it originally was and will return to the core of the building, as it should be. Jeroen blows powerful through your space, assisted by a team of professionals.

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