LP Architektur

Altenmarkt im Pongau, Austria

LP team is not propagating a new architectural style, a personal brand, or a trendy, somehow exciting dream world in which only the exchange value reigns and design constitutes the being, rather a quite straight-forward way of building with the locally available and diligently advanced means. Our architecture is always raw, unadorned, haptic, generous, straight: The question is not the image but the right - for the bureaucratic eye, often the "wrong" - way to position the building on the site, in the landscape. It is building without bestowed romanticism or individualist gestures; the primary aim in not the object, it is the spatial and experiential qualities within and out to the landscape, which the building itself offers the users. There is nothing spectacular to report about this oeuvre: It is simply modern building in the Alps, without sentimentality or utopianism, with today´s means and demands, eco-conscious, precisely customized to the location but at the same time universal: down to earth and open minded - nothing more, but also nothing less!

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