London, United Kingdom

Maria Grazia Savito is a London-based architect working under the acronym of Magrits. Magrits believes in an architecture centered on contest and people. The practice is to place the client at the very heart of the creative process whilst maintaining a deep respect for the design’s principles. By listening to clients’ briefs, studying sites’ context, and investigating alternative options through a creative design process, the studio aims to harness the strengths of every project creating something distinctive. Each project will play an individual model rather than being characterized by a set design style. Magrits designs bespoke solutions for its clients, to create projects that celebrate the color, materiality, and narratives of the everyday use of these new spaces. With a good balance between a playful approach and technical precision, the final design is achieved by the careful refinement of details and a fusion of ideas to create a peculiar atmosphere. Magrits is specialized in taking projects from the initial concept stage all the way through to completion; in a full architectural, interior design and project management role. Magrits can also provide bespoke package of services tailored to client needs and project aspirations.Since 2010, Magrits has worked on private residential projects in London achieving a sturdy expertise in the capital residential market.

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