Marie Hesseldahl

Copenhagen, Denmark

“My passion for design lies in the role of being a creator of valuable things.” In addition to my professional title as industrial designer, titles like design thinker, researcher, inventor, modeler, artisan and coworker are all fitting to define the extent of my work. My mission as an industrial designer, is to bring valuable products into this world, i.e. products that helps shape a better, funnier, cooler, more beautiful lifestyle, as well as products that makes our lives easier, whether it being a lamp that improves visual conditions for your eyes when working late hours or a shoe that tights itself. I love being in contact with people; learning about their story and their view on life through listening and conversing. I strive to get acquainted with their needs, but also to help discover and locate new challenges in their lifestyle. The fact that my design can help increase quality of the lives of other people, is the most motivating factor of my work as an industrial designer, even as a human being. For example by working with the welfare sector to design an operational device, that should increase comfort for doctors and nurses by limiting the physical strains of patients (undergoing femur operations), which in turn contributes to increase the annual amount of femur operations, since the operation time with use of this device can be shortened significantly.

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Product Design

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