Michael Godmer

Montreal, Canada

In the heart of design evolution, Michael Godmer has carved a niche for himself that defies conventional boundaries. His journey commenced in 2009, gathering agency experience that allowed him to finesse his skills in large-scale undertakings. By 2014, his collaboration with the team at 45 Nord Atelier became a cornerstone in shaping his unique project approach and stylistic imprint. In 2017, Godmer ventured to create his own studio, pushing the boundaries of his established expertise.. Driven by a passion for thoughtfully conceived residential renovations, his practice took a deliberate turn. Armed with training in interior and environmental design, Godmer's studio focuses on a multidisciplinary approach. Here, the intricacies of each project converge to shape spaces that resonate with our contemporary lifestyles. Currently, Godmer's zeal is not confined to his studio alone. He also engages in photo styling and crafts an array of apothecary-inspired daily essentials. The blend of these creative outlets showcases Godmer's commitment to enriching our daily interactions with the spaces and objects we encounter. A trailblazer in his field, Michael Godmer redefines the architecture of living.

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