Mirjam Bleeker

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bleekers work has appeared in numerous international publications – particularly travel- and interior magazines. Because of her curiosity and open-minded style she is able to establish a real connection with the subjects of her work. Inspired by extensive travels, Mirjam has an evolving vision on life, work and how the two interact. Because so many of her productions are made on her own initiative, she has the creative freedom to bring her concepts and inspiration to reality. Life and the art of living “As a photographer I have seen a lot of the world. I have been to the most beautiful places, met the most wonderful people and seen life being celebrated in endless diversion. I have also been confronted with many contrasts. In the poverty I have seen, people have surprised and overwhelmed me many times over. Their joy, their infinite generosity and their pure way of living, made me see life differently. It may seem to be a challenge to see the inner dignity and the happiness that I would like to show with my pictures. My aspirations are that through these people everyone can learn something good about the love for life and the art of living.”

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