Nelson Garrido

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Nelson Garrido, was born in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal at 11 February of 1974. In the year 1996 finishes studies in Technology of Communication, in the same year he does a period of specialized studies in advanced photography at the Belgium schoolKarel de Grote-Hogescholl Antwerpen, at the same time he works in a digital photography studio named Studio Brison also in Belgium. During this time he experiments several areas and techniques in photography specially large format and digital photography. Back to Portugal he works as freelancer with various magazines in the area of photojournalism, architecture and fashion. In 1997 starts working as assistant in a studio of fashion photography. Since 2002 starts developing a series of personal projects in large format photography, approaching the urban and architectural influences on the city landscape and its changes during the pass of time. In 2006 wins the Euro Press Photo Awards for architecture photography. Since 2006 he gives workshops of architecture photography and photography composition on the Instituto Português de Fotografia. Works for architects and magazines in architecture photography. At the present days he working all over the world believing that we live in a big country without frontiers.

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