Omer Arbel

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Omer Arbel (1976) is an Israeli-born, Vancouver-based multidisciplinary designer, architect, and artist. His polymath design approach that bridges various materials and processes has led to a hugely diverse output. Apart from his architecture practice (OAO), he also runs a product design studio (OAO Works) and co-runs the acclaimed lighting design and manufacturing company Bocci. Unlike other designers, Omer Arbel numbers his work rather than using names. He also uses his own parametric design processes to create objects and new forms, with a focus on analog techniques that can be manual, chemical, dimensional, technical, or automated. As a result, his designs are highly distinctive, individual, and precise as well as organic and unpredictable. Omer Arbel has exhibited large-scale, site-specific installations and light sculptures throughout the world, including at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. He has received a World Architecture Festival Award in 2019 and was awarded the Allied Arts Medal from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada in 2015. Phaidon published Omer Arbel’s first monograph in 2021.

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Industrial Design

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