Reuter Raeber Architects

Basel, Switzerland

The work of the two architects, Lukas Raeber and Patrick Reuter, ranges from architecture, urban design and planning to furniture and object design. Our work includes new constructions, renovations and remodellings as well as competitions and design studies from small buildings and objects to large-scale projects. We carry out our projects from the permit and planning stage through to construction management and completion. Collaborations with consultants and artists excels our innovative culture. Our work deftly and inventively positions itself within the prevailing architectural discourse and social context. We develop our concepts in intensive, no-holds-barred discussions that involve each participant and take into consideration a whole range of social, political, environmental, and energy issues. Each project markedly reflects our unequivocal architectural stance and our high constructive standards. Our creative approach to multifaceted and complex projects enables us to take unconventional routes. What emerges is a distinctive architecture that reflects the dynamic interplay between the playful, unbridled creativity and rigorous precision that distinguish our office.

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