ZAV Architects

Tehran, Iran

Tehran-based ZAV Architects was founded in 2006 by Mohamadreza Ghodousi and Parsa Ardam. The two architects met at university, where they established the small ZAV design group together with Leila Hamzehpour. This original belief in the strength of collective creativity guides the architecture firm today. ZAV works with architects and designers from a wide range of disciplines to complete residential and public architecture as well as urban planning and research projects. Unlike most architecture firms, ZAV doesn’t follow a design-based approach. Instead, the team favors exploring research-based pragmatic solutions that ultimately lead to social and economical improvements for communities. Architecture thus becomes the means of achieving these goals. The ZAV Architects studio has received a range of awards, including the Taipei International Design Award and the Affordable Housing award at the WAN Awards.

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