Cycling Routes as Wall Decor

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Wall décor can be inspiring, simply beautiful, or a perfect conversation starter. These maps are part of the latter group and they provide a great opportunity to add a personal touch to a home’s interior design scheme. The maps are made by Nativah | Chaya, a Bronx-based company founded by a young architect with a passion for cycling. Figure ground diagrams of various cities are transformed by adding cycling and running routes in dark red, enhancing the image of the city with the customer’s unique journey through the urban landscape. Maps can be customized with a daily route or a special event, like running and completing a marathon. Customers can simply use an app to track their movements and the site does the rest. You can also order a trio of maps that show places visited during a longer holiday spanning across more than one city, or custom prints that highlight visited architectural monuments in historical cities. City images can be transposed on either premium photo paper or quality canvas, creating one-of-a-kind wall décor. Images courtesy of Nativah | Chaya.

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