Delikatessen Turns to the Garden

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Based in Amsterdam, Delikatessen is a menswear line rooted in traditional craftsmanship. Their Autumn/Winter collection for 2014 is no exception; piece after piece shows artisanal attention to detail. Yet, in making the AW set, the designers drew inspiration from an unusual source: kale. Turning to the garden, they admired the winter vegetable’s strength and vibrancy, which they sought to recreate in wearable fibers. Like kale, the clothes they made are defined by their fullness, texture, and deep, earthy colors. The collection includes pieces with structured yet touchable wool, cotton, chambray, denim, and gauze in green, blue, purple, brown, black, and gray. While too fine to sully in a garden, Delikatessen’s latest garments are ready to spring from the lookbook and cruise the local farmer’s market.



Holly is a poet from Kentucky. She grew up first in a Sears house, then on a farm. She studied English and Gender Studies at Mount Holyoke College and moved to Manhattan for love. As an occasional jewelry-maker and museum patron, Holly favors wearable and functional design but is eager to see work that challenges her aesthetics. Read more and connect by visiting her blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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