Akurat Studio

Gdańsk , Poland

Deriving its name from the Latin term "accūrātus" signifying 'precision, meticulousness, and care', Akurat embodies these qualities in its work ethic and design approach. Established in Gdańsk, Poland, this unique design practice functions dynamically across diverse media, scales, and fields, including furniture, interior, architecture, graphic design, and branding. Its comprehensive approach leads to original, context-specific outcomes that can be surprising, but are never arbitrary. Akurat chooses collaborations with clients who align with its values and trust in design's ability to make a meaningful impact. With each new project, there is recognition of the potential for learning and growth, maintaining a perpetual curiosity. Akurat is known for its probing nature, seeking a deep understanding of each task. The goal is to produce thoughtfully crafted, functional, and memorable work that captivates, inspires, and withstands the passage of time. Akurat's foundation traces back to 2016 when it was initiated by Maciej Ryniewicz and his associate, Rafał Kaletowski, both architects by profession. In 2022, the partnership underwent a transformation when Rafał Kaletowski decided to pursue an independent path with a more concentrated focus on architecture.

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