Alberto Amores

Madrid, Spain

Alberto Amores is a distinguished architecture photographer whose unique visual language stems from a rigorous academic background. Completing his architecture degree at Universidad San Pablo Ceu in 2016, Amores later delved into photography, honing his skills at the esteemed Cine EFTI center. His architectural education profoundly influences his photographic approach, enabling him to develop a distinct style that manifests in each of his projects. Amores leads a team of young, passionate individuals who share a collective love for architecture and photography. The team is further enhanced by the expertise of Pancho Matienzo in the video section. Matienzo, a film school graduate from Bande a Part in Barcelona, brings valuable experience, having worked with renowned directors like Iñarritu, Isaki Lacuesta, and Agustí Villaronga. Together, the team provides a holistic visual storytelling approach that adeptly captures the nuanced interplay of form, space, and light in architectural design.

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Architecture Photographers

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