Elliott Architects

Blue Hill, ME United States

We are an architectural firm in Blue Hill, Maine engaged in the design and renovation of residential and institutional buildings.  Much of our work is on the Maine coast and islands, and it is this extraordinary environment – natural, cultural and architectural – that provides our starting point and inspiration.

A common theme of work in progress at Elliott Architects is our search for an architecture that expresses something essential and authentic about its owner, place, and time.

This search requires that we continually refine our skills of engaged dialogue with our clients, discovering the uniqueness of each site on which we build, understanding the nature of materials with which we work, and honoring traditions of craftsmanship.  As an office, we seek clarity and reduction, and work to achieve an appropriate balance of tradition and modernity in our design.  We view sustainability as something that is integral with the design process, our relationship with the client, and the construction methods of each building.

Excellent clients are inseparable from excellent projects, and we appreciate when they are involved and have high expectations for us.  Most importantly, we are committed to setting and achieving high standards for the design, the process, and the technical aspects of our work.

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