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Seattle, WA United States

We are honest and care about quality – We treat your project as if it were our own home.    We work with the same group of contractors and vendors for years and build solid relationships.  We are each expert in our area and have a pride in what we do and enjoy working together.  The synergy of our team can make process fun and provide high quality results! Seamless communication – You just need to speak to one person from the start to finish.  The great deal of detail communication happens behind the scenes to make design come to life.   Yumi’s her project management experience working in Financial/Technology sector prior to her design career will make this possible. YUMI KAGAMIHARA, INTERIOR DESIGNER / FOUNDER Beauty. Sophistication. Perfection. Yumi Kagamihara introduces all of it to every space she designs, but the crux of what she does extends far beyond anything the eye can see. “Design is really about making space for total wellness within yourself,” she says. “You have to really know yourself so that design can fi t within your lifestyle and personality.” With a background in project management for the financial industry, Yumi shows up as a powerful force. She’s detail oriented, solution driven, and hyper-committed to cohesive design. For Yumi, technology plays a key role in eliminating confusion and keeping information centralized, and she’s never shy when it comes to introducing her intuition to a project. “I have to be able to connect the dots between what a client".

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