Simone Bonanni Studio

Milano, Italy

Simone Bonanni Studio (SBS) is a multidisciplinary design studio established in 2015 in Milan by designer Simone Bonanni. SBS focuses both on product design and Limited Edition, while investigating the world of creativity and always looking for new trends and fresh perspectives to inject in its everyday work. SBS believes aesthetics should be a consequence of a deep understanding of the essence, context, function and meaning of a certain typology of objects and it should not only relate to a personal taste. All these elements together always find new ways to coexist and each project is brought to life in different dedicated manners, constantly aiming to create a relationship between the artwork and its user that is first affective, than corporeal. SBS indeed, has a particular attention to the great communicative power of objects and considers them as “activators of emotions” before being just physical entities and over time has shifted the focus of its work from the technical design of an object to the design of the emotion that this can arise, giving more importance to the sphere of perception rather than the merely material one.

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