Taiyo Watanabe

Los Angelese, United States

Taiyo Watanabe is an Architecture Photographer with a degree in Architecture from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). He is based in Los Angeles, California, and Tokyo, Japan working with many local and international architects. His client list includes the following: A-bridges; Anonymous Architects; A.P.C.; ATLV / Satoru Sugihara; Belzberg Architects; Bittoni Architects; Brooks Brothers, Japan; Bulthaup; BURBERRY; Byben & Chris Skeens; Conner & Perry Architects; CoverArch; da Collective; Dan Brunn Architecture; deegan day design; Design Opera; DSH Architecture; Esther Kim; Felicia Martin Architecture; G!LL!S; The Green Eyl; Hawkins\Brown; Jantzen Studio; Half Studio / Joe Keating; Jones, Partners: Architecture; LABplus; Laurent Deroo Architecte; The MAK Center and many others.

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