First Ever Gelato Workshop and Museum in Italy

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Two reasons why we love gelato: one, it is the epitome of sweet Italian excellence, and two, it rhymes with Gessato (obviously). As many of you know, the word “gelato” is referred to as the Italian word for ice cream. Over the years gelato has become more and more recognized as the go-to dessert in different areas around the world, specifically Europe and the US. As the concept of gelato began cultivating into a global phenomenon, an official Gelato Museum launched a short three years ago in the roots of Italy, located exclusively at the Carpigiani headquarters at Anzola dell’Emilia. The museum is recognized as an innovative structure and sheds light on the culture of artisan gelato. The center features an interactive tour that highlights three fundamental themes concentrating on gelato: the evolution of gelato, the history of production technology, and the places and means people are consuming this Italian excellence.

The museum offers multimedia presentations, over twenty original machines, historical images and documents, accessories, video interviews and even workshops.

The museum offers multimedia presentations, over twenty original machines, historical images and documents, accessories, video interviews and even workshops. Recently, the center has even launched a Gelato School, which is geared to promote artisan gelato culture across the world. In order to attain this vision, the museum concentrates on curating an organized training lab for children of all ages to teach individuals about the science and culture behind gelato. After recent success of this launch, the Gelato Museum collaborates directly with Carpigiani Gelato University, organizing tasteful training labs that guide children and young adults through the history, nutritional properties, and growing momentum of gelato.

The school works in multiple stages. In the Preschool stage of the training lab, activities consist of interactive workshops, which reveal the precious ingredients that are essential in making these unforgettable recipes. After the students have identified the ingredients, they are able to directly assist in preparing the gelato with University instructors. As a fun reward, the activity comes to an end with a delectable gelato tasting. The elementary stage of this process allows instructors from Gelato University and students to work hand in hand to reconstruct sorbet and gelato recipes that were originally developed between ancient times and the Renaissance. Instructors have a watchful eye over students, allowing them to take the lead in preparing these ancient recipes. Finally, in the secondary stage of process, students are recognized as gelato artisans for a day. The activity in the workshop encourages students to really tackle hands on opportunity in recreating this worldwide Italian bliss. Students will learn how to transform fresh fruit into gelato. After absorbing the production steps, they will determine how to balance recipes, and will even earn the honorable chance to become an official assistant to the Gelato University instructors, helping them create gelato.

The museum even incorporates gelato tastings in which individuals can discover the roots of gelato with a tour of the museum, and afterwards can enjoy gelato tastings as a sweet treat. As an extension, the center offers family workshops and master classes for anyone interested.

From satisfying your sweet tooth to learning tricks of the trade, it is evident that this tasteful museum has you covered on all fronts.

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