Glazed Terracotta Lamps

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A collaborative experiment by Chilean artisans and designer Abel Cárcamo Segovia, these terracotta lamps play with traditional and contemporary forms to produce a unique lighting effect. Each ceramic shade is brushed with modern finish but made according to ancient technique. The pottery is painted with platinum, white, or black glaze and is topped with a polished cap of aluminum, bronze, or copper. Each lamp curves at the lip, allowing lighting to escape at the side. The spill of light illuminates some parts of a room more than others, creating a textured atmosphere and allowing the lamp to shine in a variety of scenes, from the studio to the home.



Holly is a poet from Kentucky. She grew up first in a Sears house, then on a farm. She studied English and Gender Studies at Mount Holyoke College and moved to Manhattan for love. As an occasional jewelry-maker and museum patron, Holly favors wearable and functional design but is eager to see work that challenges her aesthetics. Read more and connect by visiting her blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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