Ice Cream Concept Parlour by Ploenpit Nittaramorn

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Treating the world to its delightfulness since 1692, the frozen dessert that many of us know and love is always available and ready to eat. But do you know how inventor L. Audiger created it in the first place? He whipped up a cream and fruit mixture while it froze and then removed the ice crystals that formed during the process. We enjoy it when’s its quick and ready, but what about enjoying the fun process to creating the fresh and creamy treat? With the belief that the industrialization of food has tarnished and diminished any appreciation for the cooking process, student Ploenpit Nittaramorn‘s Ice Cream Parlour mixes in the joy of making with the joy of eating. Using a Do-it-Yourself kit, she displays how to make ice cream without using a machine. She makes anything from the delicious vanilla bean ice cream to organic pistachio to mojito sorbet (with lime and mint). Mmmmm…. this amazing project is the crème of the crop for passionate cooking and tasty eating.

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