Modern Chair Design – Fil Mass Series Dining Chair

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A sophisticated example of contemporary chair design, the Fil Mass Series Dining Chair blends clean lines with complementing materials in a creative way. Designed by Japanese studio Fil, the chair aims to celebrate simplicity as well as the beauty of nature. The seat and backrest are both made of Oguni cedar wood that boasts eye-catching organic lines. By contrast, the tubular frame features a polished metallic surface and a copper finish. As the third element of the design, the gray fabric cushions add a contrasting texture. They also provide more comfort at the same time. Airy and elegant, the Fil Mass Series Dining Chair certainly makes any interior look that bit more refined. The studio’s Mass collection also includes a lounge chair, table, and coat hanger. All of them feature the same blend of solid wood and copper. Photographs© Fil.

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