More Than The Rainbow

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Taxi driver-turned-photographer Matt Weber is the inspiration for Dan Wechsler’s film “More Than The Rainbow.” Both an informative documentary and a meditation on art and photography, the film follows Weber’s career – he began taking photographs in 1978 – and chronicles the diverse sources from which the artist draws inspiration. A longtime New Yorker, Weber searches for genuine moments among the cheering, frenetic and tireless crowds that swarm the streets. With the aim of capturing a particular moment, the street photographer proudly doesn’t ask permission of his subjects. Weber’s snapshots tell deliberate stories, often between couples, which examine the organic edges between people in a bustling city. Weber never stages his photographs, but artfully crafts their composition to echo the flashes of authenticity that he chases throughout the city. With an aesthetic informed by Weber’s work, “More Than The Rainbow” examines the artist in his vast, urban studio. The director ultimately compiles the footage into a jazzy and free-form filmic experience, which is aptly scored largely by Thelonious Monk.

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