E.E. 1929 Shoes by Oli 13

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Add a little color to your life. The E.E. Shoe by  Oli 13 swings a trim of happiness into your wardrobe. They come in six playful combinations using navy or grey canvas upper and outsole in orange, red, or yellow. After being built entirely by hand both sewn and assembled, they are then fired in a 115 degree kiln for 80 minutes for elasticity and flexibility. Finally, they are stamped by hand on the colorful elastic tape around the sole with a personal seal.
The stage they stand on is set by grandfather whose initials are E.E. and the photograph taken in 1929 while riding his bicycle at age 16. His forward motion here also symbolizes his strength during this same year of the Wall Street Crash. A positive attitude with the power to overcome in his way of living and understanding life inspired the making of such great shoes.



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