Paper Sculptures by Eric Standley

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Eric Standley has redefined the vantage point of ultra-thin paper in his latest work, which utilizes incredibly precise laser cutting techniques to create art on par with the most intricate stained glass. Incredibly modern in theme but beyond the rift of the norm, Standley’s architecture—based in part on Gothic, Greek, and Islamic technique—seems to travel much farther than meets the eye. Like multicolor clockwork, the sheer number of stacked components invites viewers to wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes.
One of his notable works, Argos, is a dizzying Greek microcosm which presents the illusion of tremendous depth—accomplished through clever manipulation of illumination across hundreds of layers. In another piece, Dioscuri, the chaos gives way to an almost serene peek unto gemini seas, as though they were viewed from elegant binoculars.


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