floating homes

Part of a growing movement that sees more and more people moving away from busy cities either to more natural settings or rural areas, floating homes provide an extra layer of comfort and tranquility. These dwellings offer the perfect opportunity to create relaxing living spaces that are a part of a natural landscape. Falling asleep to the sound of gentle waves or waking up with the light of the sunrise making a mirror-like lake glow with a golden color are experiences only a floating home can provide. On this page, you can read more about architectural projects that bring living spaces and waterscapes together. Here you can see designs completed in places as varied as Sydney in Australia, São Paulo in Brazil, or Seattle in the US.

When it comes to the design of floating homes, styles vary but usually reference traditional boathouses or cabins. As these projects are more recent, sustainability also plays a crucial part in the architectural design. For example, a prefab floating house made with CNC machines that eliminate waste and designed with eco-friendly features like solar panels, water treatment systems and smart technology. Or a cozy home that combines comfortable living spaces with sustainable design and green building methods. Studios also use durable and easy to maintain materials for these projects.

Floating homes bring inhabitants closer to nature but their designs also maximize that connection. Apart from glass doors that slide to open living rooms to lake or river views, these houses also feature spacious decks that provide generous room to create a dining or lounge area. Roof terraces with sweeping views or diving boards for swimming make some of these floating houses resemble a retreat rather than an ordinary home.

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