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  • Back to the Future Hoverboard

    HUVr presents itself as a gravity-defying development that would bring Back-to-the-Future-style hovercrafts to the market….

  • The Roving Typist

    This short film, made by Vimeo’s Mark Cersosimo, features another New York City artist, C.D….

  • A Flowering Theory

    “A Flowering Theory,” a film collaboration between designer Stefanie Posavec and animator Abbie Stevens, explores…

  • Sparkles and Wine by Opale

    Directed by Nacho Guzman, the “Sparkles and Wine”  music video was first a promotional teaser…

  • The Useless Machine

    If there’s a ghost in the machine, it’s clearly a prankster. Designed by Jason Allemann,…

  • Bike Spike

    The Bike Spike is an immensely entertaining group dedicated to the security and enjoyment of…

  • The Loon Project

    Although the Internet has become just a part of life for most of us, there…