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Visiting a new city is always exciting. With the help of our best city guides you can also explore cities you thought you knew well and discover a new favorite, whether it’s a cozy coffee shop or a store filled with avant-garde design. Focused on design in all its forms as well as on architecture, hidden gems, and good food, these top travel guides give worldwide adventurers the perfect opportunity to see a beloved city in a new light. To travel a city the Gessato way, means taking the roads less traveled. From Amsterdam markets frequented by locals to picturesque San Francisco walks or newly opened shops that offer the latest products created by talented designers, these top travel guides cover everything you might need to make your stay unforgettable.

Every memorable trip should include a stay in a good hotel. At Gessato, this includes places with a rich history, stunning interior design, or with an ambience that makes one feel at home. Our shop lists cover everything from home décor to gifts for those back home as well as bookstores where you can discover vintage titles. And since the best city guides should always feature at least some hidden treasures, we’ve included not only local food and flea markets, but also San Francisco walks and Berlin design stores, along with coffee shops and restaurants which offer something different. Local ingredients, traditional or contemporary cuisine, or simply delicious food that takes one back to childhood memories. Pick your next destination from your ‘must-visit’ list and enjoy exploring the city’s secrets the Gessato way.