Traveling Works Of Art On The Streets Of Mumbai

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If you’re planning on visiting Mumbai, you’re in for a treat as you can now take a unique opportunity to see this captivating city in completely different way and enjoy Indian contemporary art at the same time. Just like in the UK or the Big Apple, taxis are iconic in Mumbai. They are also a preferred method of transportation for many locals and tourists, but since competition for customers is fierce, every taxi is carefully decorated by its driver to make it stand out from the crowd. Until now, the fabric covering the seats, the surface of the doors and the ceiling were all largely ignored. Taxi Fabric has teamed up with local taxi drivers and young Indian designers to make beautiful works of art in a mobile format.
The idea was to cover the interiors in works created by artists living in a place where design is not yet seen as more than utilitarian. In the words of the Taxi Fabric team, “we started connecting designers with taxi drivers – turning seat covers into canvas for young Indian designers to show off their design talent and storytelling skills”. The results are simply spectacular. Brilliant colors and surreal images create a unique atmosphere that transports the viewer into another dimension where creative ideas are both valued and placed in the spotlight. Ultimately, the project benefits everyone. The taxi drivers, as they can drive a car that is truly one of a kind.
The artists, as they can finally showcase their work and reach a large number of people. The locals, who can finally begin to understand just how talented and full of potential these young Indian designers truly are. Last, but not least, the tourists who have the chance to travel in a mesmerizing vehicle and go through a special experience where sightseeing and art are brought together in one place, honoring the spirit and vibe of this vibrant city. Any local artist can submit their portfolio for this project and there is only one condition – the artworks must be in some way related to Mumbai, whether they capture the soul of the city or just use the iconic skyline as a backdrop. It takes only 2-4 days for an illustration from a portfolio to find its way inside a taxi, bringing another work of art to life and releasing it on the busy streets of Mumbai.

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