A contemporary art space and museum opened in the quiet town of Monticello, Sullivan County.

Brooklyn-based Mexican artist Bosco Sodi and designer Lucia Corredor founded Assembly in 2022 in an industrial space, a restored Buick leadership in Monticello, Sullivan County, New York. Mexican architect Alberto Kalach renovated and redesigned the building that now serves as an art gallery and museum, but ultimately as a welcoming hub for local and international artists along with members of the town’s community. Sponsored by the non-profit Foundation for the Mexican Art and Culture, Assembly focuses on promoting the work of contemporary artists. Beyond the aim of creating a vibrant cultural community, the opening of the gallery also brought a glimmer of hope to an area that has largely remained neglected. The space revitalizes Monticello’s Broadway street. Like its name suggests, it also aims to become a community-driven place where people gather to learn, collaborate, and create.

Assembly follows on the footsteps of Sodi’s previous project, Casa Wabi, which we’ve featured here. While the Tadao Ando-designed retreat and art center welcomes creatives in a tranquil, laid-back landscape on a beach in Oaxaca, Mexico, this art space in NY has a more neighborly feel, with residential buildings and shops spread across the street. Both spaces have exhibition areas and offer access to a range of educational events and workshops.

A thought-provoking exhibition.

To mark the launch of Assembly, the founders organized a special exhibition. The show highlights one of the art world’s darkest secrets: the huge amount of artworks that remain hidden in storage. Curated by Dakin Hart, Assembly 1: Unstored introduces art lovers to a series of artworks previously trapped in a state of “suspended animation” in the artists’ studios. Set free in Assembly, these hidden but cherished pieces put a new twist on the concept of exchanging ideas.

The exhibition features work by artists from Mexico, New York, and Japan. One space showcases Bosco Sodi’s work, including mixed media pieces and sculptures. Another area, displays the Stone Masks of Harlem-based, Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. In the Assembly gallery, visitors can also admire work from ceramist Shiro Tsujimura and painter and sculptor Izumi Kato. In another area of the museum, there’s a series of contemporary Mexican sculptures created 18 Mexican artists, including Sodi. The exhibitions will last throughout the year. While a booking is required to visit, entrance is free, with the former auto showroom open from Thursday to Sunday. Photographs © Assembly.

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