Eco-friendly, compostable cutlery made from a by-product of kombucha manufacturing.

In the fight against plastic waste, it’s often young designers who come up with the most creative and ingenious solutions. The compostable Boochi collection is a perfect example. The project of Massey University College of Creative Arts graduate Charlotte Klinge, Boochi offers an innovative twist on single-use plastic cutlery and plates. The designer used a by-product of kombucha to create the collection: Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, or SCOBY.

“My project investigates the material qualities of bacterial cellulose, and showcases its potential as a sustainable material in the area of product design. It focuses on the process of resource recovery by returning value to organic waste while promoting ethical resource and waste management,” says the designer. Featuring organic forms and a textured surface, the tableware collection also features natural colors in darker green hues. An antibacterial beeswax finish covers the surface of the items.

The cutlery is eco-friendly and carbon neutral as well as conveniently 100% biodegradable. After use, the fork, serving spoon, knife, and plates can simply be discarded in a composting bin at home. Unlike plastic cutlery, they transform into fertilizer in 90 days and thus return to nature. The Boochi tableware collection also features asymmetrical handles to suit right- and left-handed people. Photographs© Charlotte Klinge.

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