The Candid Chair

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A minimalist ash wood dining chair that maximizes both comfort and style.

Designed by Note Design Studio for Italian company Zilio A&C, the Candid chair complements its honest form and materiality with a bold character and expert craftsmanship. The multi-purpose, versatile design aims to provide a complete dining room seating solution, whether at home or in a restaurant setting. Elegant and eye-catching, the chair boasts a slender form and trapezoidal legs angled towards the center of the seat. It easily adds visual impact to a room with its strong silhouette. Depending on the viewing angle, Candid changes appearance slightly thanks to the geometric shape of the legs.

While it features hard edges and angular forms, the chair offers complete seating comfort as it’s specially designed for lengthy dinners. An upholstered seat option enhances comfort further. To bring Candid to life, the studio worked closely with Zilio. The company’s extensive expertise and dedication to craftsmanship ensured that the wood chair has optimized dimensions and a long-lasting build. Compact, light, and stylish, the Candid chair brings refinement into dining rooms in residential or commercial settings. It comes in stained ash or natural ash; the former features a black finish, while the latter boasts a warm color and organic textures. Photographs© Kristoffer Fagerström.

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