Adrien Rovero

Renens, Switzerland

Swiss designer Adrien Rovero studied at the Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL), in Switzerland. After completing his Master’s in Industrial Design, he opened his own studio in 2006. Based in Renens, the designer works in an array of fields that include lighting and furniture design as well as exhibition design. Highly imaginative yet also minimalist, his designs often shift and re-purpose familiar forms and ideas to provide a fresh point of view. Adrien Rovero’s clients include renowned names like Hermès, Droog Design, Swatch, and Hublot. Exhibition spaces and institutions that have commissioned the designer include Centre Pompidou and Villa Noailles, among others. The Centre Pompidou (Paris), the mudac (Lausanne), and the Grand-Hornu Images (Belgium) have all included the designer’s work in their collections.  

Creative Field

Industrial Design

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