A stylish, minimalist and infinitely customizable collection of kitchen cabinet metal modules inspired by Italian industrial heritage.

Modern homes require modern solutions. This also applies to the most used living space, the kitchen. In 2016, Italian designer Riccardo Randi created the first prototype for a freestanding modular kitchen, for his own home. Only one year later, he had already received orders from local customers. In 2018, he established the Very Simple Kitchen company, with the first kitchen showroom opened in 2019 in Bologna. Inspired by Italy’s industrial heritage, the brand’s collection of kitchen cabinet metal modules marries clean lines, minimalism, and a refined industrial style. Above all, the Very Simple Kitchen concept focuses on flexibility and functionality, allowing customers to create a luxury modular kitchen design they can customize and adapt to changing needs. Indeed, the company considers its design a “nomad”, as the Italian kitchen cabinets can be easily moved, adapted in a DIY fashion, and expanded over time to suit different requirements.

Introducing the Very Simple Kitchen - Gessato

The kitchens’ design is intentionally understated and elegantly simple, thus blending into any contemporary home decor with ease. Crafted from stainless steel, an eco-friendly material that is both durable and recyclable, these kitchen cabinet metal modules come in a wide range of sizes. Customers can easily mix-and-match different base cabinet modules to create their perfect kitchen. Options range from units with one cabinet drawer or one door to modules with two drawers and two cabinet doors, concealed dishwashers, fridges, gas or induction hobs, sinks, and much more. The bestseller freestanding modular kitchen collection also comprises open shelving, practical kitchen storage cabinet solutions, kitchen island units, and units with stools.

Introducing the Very Simple Kitchen - Gessato

A huge range of customization options.

Apart from choosing from an impressively varied selection of kitchen cabinet metal modules with a variety of kitchen storage cabinet options, customers can also pick their favorite color from 13 standard colors. However, Very Simple Kitchen offers the option to paint these Italian kitchen cabinets in bespoke colors. Regardless of hue and color intensity, from light neutral to vibrant red or green colors that make the minimalist designs pop, the company uses a powder-coating technique for extra durability and resistance to daily wear.

Additionally, customers can select the kitchen countertop material and color. Again, Very Simple Kitchen offers a huge range of different options. How different? Well, customers can add a stainless steel, concrete, stone, quartz, wood, and Fenix countertop, among other materials. Naturally, they all come in a range of colors and finishes. Furthermore, the company continues to look out for new innovative companies to collaborate with to expand its offerings. Customers can also add kitchen appliances like gas and induction hobs, for example.

Introducing the Very Simple Kitchen - Gessato

Manufactured with love in Italy.

Every kitchen cabinet metal module, from the most compact one to the largest unit, is made in Italy. Very Simple Kitchen collaborates with local craftspeople to produce the collection of Italian kitchen cabinets to the highest standards of quality.

To make the customization process as easy as possible, the company launched an online configurator in 2020. The system provides a convenient way to create a bespoke, freestanding luxury modular kitchen. Users only have to drag and drop units into a window, arranging them to suit their needs. Then, they can configure each separate unit to change features, colors and materials. The company also shows the estimate total cost for each specific layout. However, customers can request a quote for a bespoke kitchen design and other finishes and colors.

While prevalent in professional kitchens and restaurants, metal kitchens are also increasingly more popular in residential spaces. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about metal kitchen cabinet kitchens.

Introducing the Very Simple Kitchen - Gessato

Which metal is best for kitchen cabinets?

Stainless steel and aluminum are both perfect for kitchen cabinets. However, heavy duty stainless steel is more frequently used in professional cooking settings. Extremely durable and tough, stainless steel is also incredibly easy to clean and to sanitize. Furthermore, the material doesn’t rust, develop mold, or warp and peel with moisture.

How much do metal kitchen cabinets cost?

More durable and easier to care for, metal cabinets are also more expensive than – say – MDF cabinets. You can expect to pay anything from $100 to over $1000 per cabinet, depending on design, company, and features. Bespoke options for a home improvement project, for example, would add to that cost. Additionally, prices may vary for an outdoor kitchen. Likewise, options like an adjustable shelf, a storage cabinet with custom dividers, or a ‌kitchen cabinet organizer may increase the cost.

Introducing the Very Simple Kitchen - Gessato

Are metal cabinets cheaper than wood?

No, metal cabinets are not cheaper than wood. On the contrary, they’re more expensive. However, they are also more durable and easier to maintain, as they don’t warp, mold, rust, or require re-finishing. An aluminum and stainless steel kitchen cabinet has a longer lifespan, which buffers the initial cost.

Are metal kitchen cabinets durable?

Yes, metal cabinets are extremely durable. They’re more durable than wood, for example, although solid wood cabinets CAN last for a lifetime, but with maintenance. A metal kitchen requires little to no maintenance. Stainless steel resists rust, mold, corrosion, and peeling. Metals that resist the elements are perfect for an outdoor kitchen.

What are some disadvantages to metal kitchen cabinets?

Metal cabinets are more expensive than other types of materials like wood. Metal can also dent. Depending on finish, some metal cabinets can show dust, stains and fingerprints more prominently. However, they’re also easier to clean compared to solid wood. Additionally, companies offer matte finishes and powder-coated colors that eliminate this issue.

Do metal cabinets need to be painted?

A stainless steel kitchen cabinet will not require painting. Most modern kitchen units, whether for kitchens or a living room, come with either raw steel surfaces that don’t need any coatings or with powder coating treatments. However, you can paint a steel or a metal cabinet if you wish, just remember to use a primer and paint that are specially made for metal.

How do metal kitchen cabinets compare to wood?

While it depends on manufacturer, materials and finishes, generally metal cabinets can be more durable than wood cabinets. They also require less maintenance, although they have some disadvantages, more importantly their dent-prone surface. Metal can also highlight fingerprints and scratches, but matte finishes or powder-coated surfaces usually eliminate this issue. While metal doesn’t mold or peel, wood is also extremely durable. Hardwood cabinets with or without a glass door are long-lasting, especially when crafted using traditional cabinetry techniques.

Do metal cabinets rust?

Metal cabinets can rust, but aluminum and stainless steel are corrosion-resistant. Which is why they’re the preferred choice for professional kitchens. The majority of modern metal cabinets are either rust-resistant or come with corrosion-resistant and water-resistant finishes.

Are metal cabinets fire-resistant?

Unless metal cabinets come with this specification, they’re usually not fire-resistant. Stainless steel has a low thermal conductivity, meaning that it takes longer to heat than other metals and will transfer heat to the surroundings more slowly. A storage cabinet for office files, for example, should be fire resistant.

Introducing the Very Simple Kitchen - Gessato

Introducing the Very Simple Kitchen - Gessato

Introducing the Very Simple Kitchen - Gessato

Introducing the Very Simple Kitchen - Gessato

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