Draga & Aurel

Como, Italy

Founded in 2007 by Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow, Draga & Aurel is a versatile studio specializing in art, collectible design, and home furnishings. With diverse backgrounds in art, fashion, and craftsmanship, the duo is renowned for their innovative techniques and artistic approach to materials and design. As pioneers in the upcycling movement within the design industry, Draga & Aurel started by reimagining vintage furniture and objects, crafting the inaugural Deshabillé and Heritage collections. Their 2009 debut at Milan Design Week led to significant partnerships with furniture companies such as Baxter, Wall&Deco, Visionnaire, and Gallotti&Radice. In 2019, the pair captivated audiences at Milan Design Week with their personal project, "Transparency Matters," exploring the importance and applications of transparency in art and design. This collection garnered critical acclaim and caught the attention of prestigious galleries, including the Rossana Orlandi Gallery, leading to notable collaborations in subsequent years. Aurel K. Basedow's artistic creations, characterized by their powerful, evocative, and poetic nature, complement the design work of Draga & Aurel. Together, they follow parallel yet interconnected paths in art and design, engaging in a continuous dialogue that enriches and occasionally challenges their individual meanings.

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Furniture Design

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