Evan Clabots

New York, NY United States

Although formally trained at the Rhode Island School of Design as an industrial designer, Evan Clabots is a multi-talented creative that defies a clear-cut category. Throughout his career, he has worked as a product designer, creative director, entrepreneur, university professor, and consultant. A veritable Renaissance man, Clabots has an unsurprisingly personal and unique way of changing the world. Apart from a keen eye for design and intuition, he also applies a complex thought process in all of his work, pivoting around the concept of design as a tool for business. As an entrepreneur, Clabots pairs his creativity and ingenuity with strong reasoning. As a designer, he values the quest for perfection as well as the beauty of the imperfections that create an emotional connection between the user and a product. His work as Chief Design Officer at OTHR contributed to transforming the brand he co-founded into the award-winning company it is today. Apart from OTHR, Evan Clabots has also worked as SVP of Design at Fab.com. He has founded several companies, including Nonlinear Studio, Amplifiear, along with his own design practice.

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Product Design

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