Flora Mottini

Geneva, Switzerland

Flora Mottini was born in Geneva, Switzerland. Since her early 20s, she started her artistic path by working in different creative fields, including theater and interior design. Taking a diverse range of courses that included visual arts, graphic design, interior design, and multimedia design informed her distinctive style, along with her love of ‘30s-’50s cartoon aesthetics. Idiosyncratic yet also familiar, her work often starts with a recognizable figure or symbol, which the artist then distorts and alters to create surreal, psychedelic compositions. Flora Mottini also explores notions of navigation, landscape, and horizon throughout her work. She uses various techniques to bring her vision to life, from traditional drawing and painting to digital and mixed-media techniques. Her work has been featured in international art publications, design magazines, galleries, and museums. She currently lives and works in Geneva.

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