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Introducing Petari

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A Japanese company that produces beautiful, airtight donabe casserole pots for indoor and outdoor use.

Following a mission to bring warmth into the kitchen and to celebrate the craftsmanship of Banko Yaki ceramics, Japanese brand G.M.P. Inc. has partnered with Ginpo Co., Ltd. to produce the Petari series of donabe casserole pots. The collection connects past and present with an innovative design that offers something different than a classic donabe. Inspired by traditional toban grilling plates, the Petari pots are shallow and have a distinctive shape, brought to life by experienced artisans from Yokkaichi, the Mie Prefecture, Japan. These skilled craftspeople ensure that the casserole pots and their lids have the perfect form and finish for an airtight design. Creating a perfect seal between the lid and the pot ensures that the food has more depth and a rich flavor profile. Additionally, the lids have a precise design to allow users to stack them upside down into the pot, for easy storage.

Introducing Petari - Gessato

Crafted from earthenware with a proprietary blend of natural materials, the Petari pots have exceptional heat performance, withstanding temperatures of up to 650°C or 1202°F. Apart from making these donabe pots as durable as possible, this custom-made material also allows cooking on open fires. Created after years of research, the Petari glazes protect the earthenware while adding a beautiful texture to the pots. Lead- and cadmium-free, all Petari pots are fired at around 1,200°C to ensure their durability.

A practical design for modern kitchens.

More efficient than enameled cast iron cookware, the Petari donabe casserole pots have impressive heat retention properties. Their superior insulation makes them perfect for residual-heat cooking, as the food doesn’t cool off as quickly when taken away from the heat source. Furthermore, these glazed earthenware pots are safe to use in the microwave, with their lid on. And that doesn’t apply just to heating leftovers, but to cooking, too.

Unlike traditional donabe designs, the Petari pots don’t have handles. Instead, they feature wider rims that offer a great grip. The minimalist style makes these pots perfect not only for the kitchen and cooking, but also for serving food at the dining table.

Introducing Petari - Gessato

Gorgeous colors inspired by nature.

To complement the rustic-elegant design of the Petari series, G.M.P. Inc. chose colors inspired by natural landscapes. For example, the Jet Black hue references volcanic ash; Mudstone refers to the finely grained rock formed at the bottom of sea or lakes; and Igneous Rock takes its name after the eponymous rocks that date back to 15 million years and are found in the Higashi Kishu region of Japan.

Incredible versatility meets the quality of a handmade earthenware product.

Designed to make cooking more fun and effortless, the Petari donabe casserole pots are suitable to use indoors on the stove or outdoors, on a campfire, for example. Additionally, these pots are also safe to use in the oven and in the microwave. As for cooking methods, these pots are ideal for anything ranging from steaming and stir-frying to boiling and braising.

Handmade in Japan, the G.M.P. Inc. Petari pots are crafted to last. Currently, the company offers three color options for the pots and two sizes – one of 24 cm for 1 to 2 people, and the other of 30 cm to feed up to 3 to 4 people. Photography © G.M.P. Inc.

Introducing Petari - Gessato

Introducing Petari - Gessato

Introducing Petari - Gessato


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