Franklin Azzi

Paris, France

Franklin Azzi is not just an architect; he's a visionary who sees buildings as living, breathing entities. From the moment he founded his architecture studio in 2006, Azzi has been on a quest to redefine the way we interact with spaces. Blurring the lines between architecture, design, and contemporary art, he champions a 'common sense' approach that combines minimalist aesthetics with maximalist functionality. He believes in collective intelligence, and his collaborations with other architectural firms are proof of his commitment to communal genius over solitary brilliance. Azzi's knack for sustainable design is evident, whether he's rejuvenating market buildings in Nantes or conceptualizing energy-efficient towers like the upcoming Montparnasse. With a team of over 80 multidisciplinary experts, his studio functions as a think-tank for innovative solutions to modern challenges. In a world eager for change yet resistant to it, Franklin Azzi stands as a compelling force, ever ready to turn imaginative concepts into transformative realities.

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